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7th Grade Football Announcement

By SAYFCO, 04/06/23, 10:30PM EDT


SAYFCO, SMS/SHS reach agreement regarding 7th Grade

With the best interest of all levels of Shrewsbury Football in mind, SAYFCO and SMS/SHS have come to an agreement on 7th Grade football.

First off, we want to thank all of the 6th-grade families who participated in the survey last season regarding Shrewsbury American Youth Football Organization (SAYFCO) offering a 7th-grade team this coming fall. We also sent out a survey to former SAYFCO families who were playing at the SMS level and asked them to share their opinion in retrospect. The results of both surveys were nearly unanimous and it was clear that both parents and players thought it made sense for us to offer a 7th-grade team. Based on these results, there have been extensive discussions between SAYFCO and the SMS/SHS Football programs on how we can work together to provide the best football experience to our players and families. 

With the best interest of all levels of Shrewsbury Football in mind, both organizations are in agreement with SAYFCO moving forward with the reintroduction of a 7th-grade offering. It is important to know that this move in no way prohibits 7th graders from playing at SMS and that decision is solely dependent on what you believe to be best for your child. 

As part of these discussions, both organizations have pledged to not only continue working together but also to find ways to increase the unification of our two programs. SAYFCO will continue to adopt more of the terminologies and schemas defined at the HS level to our older and more competitive grade levels. This will be done in an effort to foster a seamless transition of our athletes between the programs when the time comes. The two programs also plan to meet regularly to ensure the alignment of our coaching staff and to ensure our kids are progressing as both organizations intend. Our shared intention is for SAYFCO to be considered somewhat of an extension of the SMS/SHS Football programs and not a competing entity since together we are all Shrewsbury Football!

Please note that SAYFCO’s offering of a 7th-grade team will be determined on a year-by-year basis as we continue to evaluate the needs of the children and the number of registrations we are getting each season.


SAYFCO Board of Directors